Below you will find testimonials from our customers, as well as folks who we have helped online from around the world with their questions and concerns.

A big thank you to everyone who supports our passion by purchasing from us. One of the biggest compliments you can give is a review, and or, referring us to those who are looking for healthy happy reptiles. Below you will find some of the animals we have sold in the past.

The comments below are quotes taken from our FB page for authenticity sake.

The team at Radiant Reptiles was amazing to deal with for getting us set up with our first hognose! Super friendly and helpful answering all questions/ concerns and also had great input! 10/10 would recommend and look forward to dealing with them in the future!
~ Bryan Wythe


I got my "Dublin" (3 y.o. male anaconda plains hognose) from Radiant Reptiles and Dean and JJ were very professional, knowldgeble, and informative breeders. They recomended everything from which snake I should choose based on personality and care requirments, to the enclosure set up and dietary requirments needed. They were willing to send plenty of pictures and videos and wrote in depth explanations to all information provided to me. They truly care about thier snakes and make sure they end up in a suitable home.

He arrived quickly and in proper packaging. Now, one month later, he is very happy and healthy; he's never had any problem eating or with his enclosure. And his personality is exactly as described by Dean and JJ.

I would recomend these knowledgeble and ethical breeders to anyone looking to purchase a hognose!

~ Jeff Yu


I recently (4 months ago) applied for a Permit to keep Plains Hognose Snakes, I was made aware by my Provincial Government (Newfoundland). That one of the requirements in the process was for the breeder to forward paperwork indicating that they only worked with captive bred animals and that they were healthy animals. I sent out emails to several breeders and 2 exotic pet stores. Of all the  folks I contacted Dean and JJ were the only ones who stepped up and followed through. The correspondence between the 3 entities Radiant Reptiles, myself and the provincial government always remained cordial. While the provincial government did their own research. They also listened to the information that Radiant Reptiles and myself put forward.

The good news is, I received my permit several days ago. Even better news is that breeders such as Radiant Reptiles exist. Until they stepped up I felt isolated and resigned that I would most likely not receive the permit. The work they did on my behalf is greatly appreciated especially since I am not yet a customer. If you are interested in the animals they work with and would like second to none support from the breeder …You won’t find better than the Dean & JJ. (Copied from email)

~ Dirk


I recently received a hognose from radiant reptiles. They were absolutely amazing to deal with. So professional and helpful. Our snake is absolutely amazing. So friendly and curious.

~ Tara Allen


My sweet little hoggie arrived safely and with no fuss! RRC was great to work with, and the whole process was very smooth. The lil snake was calm, not bothered by handling, and healthy. RRC clearly takes pride in the care of their animals! 10/10 would definitely recommend! :)

~ Leah Annissa Chisholm


The whole experience was fantastic and my new girl is even more beautiful in person! Packing for shipping was done very well and she arrived healthy and quickly

~ Theresa Hatton


Another satisfied customer here.They are professional and very helpful with all questions and concerns,and provide you with a very thorough care guide.My male hognose arrived alert,active and in good health.100% satisfied

~ Brenda Huetzelmann


Just got my little girl today, and couldn’t be more impressed! JJ and Dean were super helpful with any questions I had, and were amazing at dealing with everything that came up due to shipping issues with covid. I could tell they spent a lot time coming up with solutions for shipping and were really great at giving updates during the wait! I highly recommend them to anyone looking!

~ Emily Ridge


Highly recommend these guys! Very informative and helpful and excellent customer service on top of it. Made sure my new addition got to me safely, and my new boy is healthy and inquisitive! Can't wait 'til he sheds out so I can get some nice photos of him!

Thanks Dean and JJ!

~ Tas Wenzoski


Extremely knowledgeable about their animals and absolutely lovely to work with. Very pleased with the level of service provided and am excited for future purchases!
~ Chelsey J Tweedie


Fantastic service and care!
~ Adam Jesse


RRC provides fantastic custom support via facebook and answered a lot of my questions. They have a great healthy set of animals for sale and value honesty and transparency with their clients. I cannot stress enough how important honesty and transparency is for breeders. There are many breeders out there that see their animals/projects as just dollar signs and don't care what happens to them as long as they make money. This is not the case here. If you are looking for a Western Hognose, I would strongly recommend them
~ Ali


Dean and JJ were super helpful throughout the whole process! They were able to answer all my questions promptly and are very knowledgeable and professional. Their snakes are also healthy and look amazing! Highly recommended. Keep up the good work!
~ Brandon Andrew Chan


Radiant Reptiles Canada is absolutely amazing to deal with! I've never purchased a reptile and felt so happy and satisfied before! Very friendly and knowledgeable about the reptiles they sell. I purchased a young hognose snake for my daughter’s birthday and it's very healthy and beautiful. I will continue to choose Radiant Reptiles Canada for all my future reptile purchases. Thanks again, Ashley named her new addition Miss Piggy.
~ Kim Mullaney


We got our beautiful hognose “Sandy” over one and a half years ago at the Abbotsford Reptile Expo. Sandy was happy, healthy, and has been growing like a weed ever since. Even a year and a half later we keep in touch with Radiant Reptiles. They are always happy to answer questions and help in any way they can. Their primary concern is the well being of all their animals, even after you bring them home. We look forward to adding another Radiant Reptiles hognose to our family in the future. Thanks for all your help along the way. 
J & T Adams


JJ and Dean of Radiant Reptiles are two of the most passionate breeders and are truly dedicated to their animals. It's obvious when you meet them that they are in this industry for all the right reasons. We purchased a lovely little hypo hognose from them, and they went above and beyond for us in so many ways. We have nothing but wonderful things about these people, and their animals speak for themselves. All of their snakes are extremely healthy, well cared for, and truly quality animals. If you're considering a new snake in your life definitely check them out!
Katie Seal


Beautiful animals and amazing help, they went over everything I needed to know when I got a hognose from them at the Kamloops expo plus an extremely helpful pamphlet. Animal was very alert, active and healthy, she's settled in nicely and with their advice on the heating/housing I had no issues with feeding either. Would go through them again if I'm ever interested in getting a new reptile.
~ Joy Liane


I met them at the Interior Reptile Show and they were amazing! Incredible hognoses—they were healthy and clearly well cared for. They also had beautiful artwork and clearly put a lot of time and effort into their display. When I do purchase a hognose it will definitely be from them!
~ Kaylee Michele Vandenelzen


Loved the entire experience, super helpful and knowledgeable and very happy with my new snake!
​~ Montana Tee


Dean and JJ are the go-to people for all things Hognose. They are so knowledgeable, produce top quality snakes, ethical and downright nice.
~ Val Ellis Dahl


Very knowledgeable and helpful! It is obvious that Dean and JJ really care for their animals. We love our little baby Hognose and would highly recommend Radiant Reptiles to anyone looking to purchase a Western Hognose.
~ Paula Gillgannon


Huge thank you to Radiant Reptiles Canada for hosting me tonight, and showing me all of their beautiful babies, and sharing their knowledge on snakes. I had a great time! If you are interested in snakes, either just as a want more info or for a possible purchase you should check them out!
~ Fiona Black


I recommend radiant reptiles. They are very knowledgeable and are willing to share this knowledge with others (like me haha). Their animals are healthy and well started. They have been a pleasure to deal with.
~ Blake Freeman


"Radiant Reptiles Canada is a valuable educational resource for the hognose keeper! They are truly dedicated to educating the public and ensuring the health and well being of snakes in captivity. Due to customs laws I am hindered from acquiring animals from them, but even so the owner has taken time out of their day to very patiently walk me through issues with my own fussy hog on many occasions! The owner is very active in the community and goes above and beyond to answer questions from keepers of any experience level. In addition, RRC is constantly seeking ways to improve their captives' quality of life and are always eager to share what they learned with others. They are not afraid to test out new ideas, reject outdated methods, or question why "the way it's always been done" isn't working. Please note, this is no "puppy mill" breeder--because their production is limited, they get to know the snakes they produce each year as individuals, and they spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring that they are well started and go to a good home. 5 STARS"
~ Erin Cashion


"Truly unparalleled knowledge, passion, courtesy, and professionalism. I look forward to all future purchases from Radiant Reptiles Canada. 5 stars for quality, dedication, and educating properly regardless of previous knowledge. This is important because of their detail-oriented nature. You will leave knowing exactly how to care for the legacies of their love for animals. They know their animals best and all animals sold will continue to thrive by following the lead provided by this organization. :)"
~ Lei Yang


Dean Lewis was very helpful and recommended everything I needed for my first hoggie. You all have great information. Helpful and easy to read and get an idea if what you need. Thank you all so much - a beginner who was confused.
‎Grace Gilyard


"It has been a dream of mine to have a hognose snake since I've discovered their existence! I have been searching everywhere to get myself a baby hognose and I was so fortunate to find Dean Lewis and that he is also a local breeder here in British Columbia, Canada! I have spoken to him numerous times of my interest and curiosity about hognose and she was always available and willing to share her knowledge and insight about these beautiful creatures! I spoke with heather for couple months before finally having the amazing opportunity to purchase one. I was going to get a normal hognose but when I saw My Mai Tai, her only available albino I could resist and instantly fell in love and had to have her! I got to take her home from the fall expo 2015 and Dean was always available to answer all my questions, worry, and inquiry about the best care and home I can create for her! I have had Mai tai for about 2-3 months now and more in love than ever and still in contact with Dean on regular bases to update her with my Mai Tai! Thanks Heather and Radiant Reptiles Canada for a dream come true! Can't wait to get more babies from you in future!!!!! 
~ Sheryl Mendoza


"I just wanted to take a moment to give some feedback for this wonderful company. After having some great interest in hognose but was always afraid of my reaction to their bite, I decided to be brave and ask the wonderful people at Radiant Reptiles Canada for advice. Not only was I impressed about their knowledge and care of their animals, I was incredibly impressed by how absolutely helpful they were in making sure my choice was the right one prior to taking my little gentleman home. Their animals are well cared for and in wonderful condition and they care deeply about where they end up which seems so very rare in the reptile industry as of late. You can tell these two are interested in the well being of each baby they produce. They made sure to let me know about my baby’s history and provided me with a feeding container (as the boy I took home was a little picky about his eating space). I would highly suggest purchasing through them as they ensure to assist you every step of the way! Great people with great information!"
~ Megan Youd


"I would just love to thank you gals with all my heart for the guidance you have given me with my female western hognose. . . a snake I didn't even purchase from you. The breeder I got her from fell off the face of the earth but you didn't hesitate in helping me get her back to feeding. It took awhile to figure out what she wanted (each snake is an individual) but you didn't give up on me - or her. and for this I am VERY thankful"
~ Cheryl Sterrenburg


"Radiant Reptiles Canada has provided nothing less than top notch service in guiding me through my journey into the world of reptiles. Being a newcomer into the reptile world, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, I had completely different expectations of what a snake was or 'could' be. With some expert guidance, education, care & time from the owners of Radiant Reptiles... I had my perception of snakes turned on it's head. I have come to respect, admire, care for & love my new pet. Radiant Reptiles goes far beyond just 'making a sale.' They've gone out of their way to follow up about any concerns (as minimal as they may be) and treated them as promptly & professionally as possible... whether that's a Skype call, Facebook message or simply sharing a photo of my new snake. Thank you so much, your business deserves all the success in the world."
~ Jacob Hall


"I just want to say that the Radiant Reptiles team is amazing. They put time, money and effort into doing everything right - using the highest quality substrate, food and enclosures to ensure healthy animals. They do considerable research into the genetic lines of their snakes, and devote untold hours educating themselves and others on reptile care. Their ethics are of the highest standard."
~ Danielle Cameron

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